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Sacred Lunar Cycle Within

  • 140 West 30th Street #4E Chelsea, NYC (map)

Description of Womb Yoga
Womb Yoga is a powerful set of techniques and attitudes for all women that can help us on our journey inside our spiritual authority.  Using movement, breath and gestures; we direct consciousness into the heart of the womb to feel the womb as the seat of inner wisdom.
Womb Yoga is an experience of re­-connection, re­-discovered grace, ease and delight in the power of Shakti; the feminine life force that animates the universe. To experience these qualities of feminine intuition, connection, and creativity as real powers in our lives is to embrace our “ancient blood wisdom”. 

"The womb within is a microcosm of the nurturing, held space of the golden cosmic womb of universal consciousness" - Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Who is Womb Yoga For?
All women are invited to join.  Those who have wombs and those who do not. Those who menstruate and those who do not.  It is about honoring the experiences of being a woman; from pre­-menarche to post-­menopause.
Benefits of  / Issues Addressed in Womb Yoga
 - Supports healthy menstruation
 - Breast health
 - PMS Tension
 - Fertility
 - Healthy Sexuality
 - Peri-Menopause
 - Pelvic Floor
 - Hysterectomies
 - Menopause
 - Conscious understanding of lunar rhythms as keys to women’s self ­knowledge.
Guided by Nechama Karp, 500­RYT Specialized Well Woman/Womb Yoga Intensive
200hr Kundalini Yogini 300hr Restorative Urban Zen IntegrativeTherapy

“I connected with the Womb Yoga so wonderfully. It makes me feel like the woman I truly want to be. It helps me connect to the Earth in a beautiful and profound way,” ~ Lynn G.

"I would say that the connection I felt from my womb, to the womb of the Mother, and to each woman in the class was strongly felt. The exercises were relaxing in a way that was not only physical, but felt at all levels of my being. Thank you so much!” ~ Terry A.W.


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