Photo: Vlad Archin

Photo: Vlad Archin


Perfect for when you desire and/or are in the midst of change, growth, transition, or to access a deeper source of heart-centered wisdom and intimacy with your essence self and emotional confidence. You are taught how to work with your body, energy, emotions, and thoughts, empowering you to strengthen your confidence and manage your choices to develop better lifestyle habits. This two-hour one-on-one session is customized based on our initial 20-minute phone consultation and the preparatory exercise that you complete three days prior to our session. The session may include Gong Therapy, Reiki, Vocal Intuitive Sound Healing, Essential Oil Therapy, among other modalities, to induce resonance for integration of upgraded consciousness frequencies.

2 hour session, $350



Private Gong Therapy, as taught by Mehtab Benton, is the new frontier of sound healing using the gong with specific techniques and methods including guided meditation—also called Yoga Nidra, mudra (hand posture,) and inner focus for transformative therapeutic healing. Clients who are ready to identify an issue for healing, whether physical, in the mind, emotional, or in relationships - personal, love, professional - Gong Therapy provides a path to healing in ways unimaginable by the present state of consciousness.

1 hour session, $175



Intuitive Sound Healing, as developed by Tom Kenyon—one of the most respected sound healers in the world today—utilizes the vibrations of your own voice to facilitate transformation of your “emotional body” by transmuting psychological and emotional blocks. Your sound vibrations are used to unlock your inner wisdom. No music or vocal experience required.

1 hour session, $175



Reiki is a gentle, energetic, Japanese spiritual practice and healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. It works on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) to promote balance. A practitioner's hands are placed on the client, or, when needed, slightly above the body, and act as a conduit for the Reiki frequency. This non-invasive practice is safe, and supports any medical treatment or medication prescribed by your healthcare provider. All treatments are fully-clothed. Learn more about Reiki.

Rates for 55 minute Reiki session:
Single session - $125
Package of 3 sessions - $360, good for up to 2 weeks ($120/session)
Package of 9 sessions - $1035, good for up to 1 month ($115/session)

Package of 18 sessions - $1980, good for up to 6 months ( $110/session)

I suggest a minimum of three Reiki sessions per 2 weeks to receive all that the method has to offer.



For therapeutic relief from sleeplessness, chronic stress, and anxiety that may keep you awake at night, experience a luxurious, relaxing, healing gong bath in your own bed! Enjoy a blissfully restful and restorative sleep to awaken feeling revitalized, refreshed, and focused for an optimal day. Ideal for people who suffer from insomnia and sleep irregularity; as well as for those who are convalescing. The Good Night Gong experience can be customized with a guided meditation for your specific intention for healing, dreams, and intuitive wisdom. Gong treatments at the end of the day are an excellent way to decompress, detoxify, and restore a peaceful sense of well-being to awaken into morning. All treatments are fully-clothed.

75 minute session, $475
Includes set-up and breakdown time, guided relaxation, and travel costs.
Service available only within Manhattan.



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