My 1st experience with a Gong Therapy Session with Nechama was absolutely amazing!  I didn’t know what to expect and it blew me away in some many ways!  Nechama is professional and so knowledgeable with many different topics of life and how to go about healing them.  Her healing space is comfortable, loving and safe.  I enjoyed my blend of aromatherapy and having my senses engaged for my session.  
As for the healing itself, I have never felt anything like it before.  I felt as though I was traveling interdimensionally and left my body in a safe and sacred space.  I was quite comfortable in the position I was put in for my healing.  Coming back to my body was quite a challenge for me, again because I never felt like that before. My healing continued as I was coming back as I was told to put pen to paper.  I experienced colors and awareness’s as I was writing and drawing. I have learned valuable techniques and information from Nechama and my session that I’ll take with me forever and share. Much Love and Gratitude for my sister, Nechama, for honoring my process in such a loving way!
— Daniella DellaGuardia, IT Professional

Meditation & Spirit Cleansing

Nechama’s sound bath ushered me into deep meditation. I felt as if my spirit was lifted from my body and cleansed in divine waters. My body felt renewed and regenerated after her session. I recommend Nechama’s work to anyone who is interested in deepening in their spiritual journey.
— Anita Kopacz, Editor-in-Chief of Heart & Soul Magazine
Hi Nechama, Thank you SO much for sharing your gorgeous gong gift with all of us and for your presence last night!! We were so happy to have you there. Sending lots of love and light! xo
— Jamie Zimmerman, M.D., Meditation Teacher
Nechama’s meditation gong sessions are a special event that I highly recommend. I found great pleasure in the deep sounds of the gong and her guided meditation combined into a truly unique meditative involvement. She played the gong in a careful and attentive manner that I experienced as a deepening to my meditative state. I will certainly attend again.
— Christopher Cornish, Attorney

Body and Soul Awareness & Grounding

I am normally not so conscious of the feelings in my body. During Nechama’s gong playing, I was sonically transported from city life in Manhattan into a deeply relaxing feeling vibrating through all of my cells, soothing my soul. The experience had me feeling more grounded and in my body.
— Marisa Flood, Circle Facilitator

Expansion & Joy

I have had the good fortune on more than one occasion of being bathed by the healing sound vibrations of Nechama’s Gong Songs. Her adept skill and fusion with her instrument filtered by the highest intention for the group is the perfect fuel for a cosmic journey you’ll want to take over and over again. Nechama’s creative use of layering the sounds with perfect dynamics leaves you floating in a magical moment that feels like pure space. Let the mind drop, breathing take over, expansion begin and enjoy the ride!
— Shirley Martin, Vocalist

Creative Flow

The processing seems to go on…

In the dream Sunday evening and during the day.

Changes in perspective.

Empowerment in a heart-centered way.
— Sonia Toledo

Healing the Past

Nechama’s unique gong and sound healing with voice was incredibly powerful... I felt like I had been cleansed from much of the past that had held me back... I was reduced to tears! She combines this with great insight and wisdom that I have never quite experienced before. I would recommend her gong baths for anyone ready for a positive shift in their lives.
— Y.O., Artist/Teacher

Back Pain & Tension

Wow I just had the gong with Reiki following session. Before the session I had a lot of tension in my upper back and I felt very unfocused. After the session I feel so amazingly relaxed - I haven’t been this relaxed ever. It’s even more relaxed then you might feel with a really really good massage. All the tension in my back is completely gone and feels very fluid. My mind settled down during the gong session and I felt very open, calm and focused in the present. There was a short meditation just prior to the gong that was very helpful to set my intention. Also very helpful was a meditation after the Reiki to ground and center. I’ve had Reiki alone and I’ve had a gong experience before. The combination of the two is much more than each individually which is saying quite something because each of those things on their own is very wonderful in themselves.
— Susan Andersen, CPA, New York

Elevated Spirit

I close my eyes and, immediately, I’m transported to a tranquil seashore where I hear the sounds of rolling surf that puts me at ease and elevates my spirit. An hour passes all too soon, but, as I open my eyes, I find I am completely rejuvenated. That’s my experience of Nechama’s fabulous gong bath, which I wish everyone could experience. Perhaps, there would be war no more.
— Brian Porzak, Healing Facilitator, www.YourPastLives.net

Doubt & Stress

I experienced Nechama’s simple and graceful gong playing just before I was about to make a stressful phone call and it cleared my doubts and allowed me to speak clearly and from the heart. It’s a wonderful way to become centered, peaceful, and clear so that I can be present, whole and open-hearted with myself and others.
— Julia L., Communications Strategist

Grief & Physical Pain

Initially, I felt a sense of cautious curiosity about Reiki and perhaps a bit of skepticism. This was almost immediately overcome by the skillful clarity of Nechama’s presentation in her Reiki Circles. I found those gatherings extremely beneficial. They had a warm, practical, grounded feeling that was both professional and compassionate. As an introduction to a subject I knew so little about, they were nothing short of excellent. They became a much anticipated event. It was during a very challenging time that I first began to work with her. I was involved in litigation, grieving the loss of a loved one, and suffering from a severe back injury that left me unable to walk for several days or to work for a period of time. During our one on one sessions, I was guided to a very deeply satisfying sense of relaxation that really is beyond description. Within about three months I was enjoying full physical health. I sincerely believe that Reiki, as practiced by Nechama, was instrumental in my restoration process. Nechama has always been extremely generous with her time, information and insights. I have recommended Nechama to friends and family and they too have also reported great benefit. I look forward to working with her again.
— Jerry Eaderesto


I connected with the Womb Yoga so wonderfully. It makes me feel like the woman I truly want to be. It helps me connect to the Earth in a beautiful and profound way. Nechama: Thank you for sharing this beautiful yoga expression.
— Lynn Gibbs
I don’t know if I told you that when we reached for the sky and looked through the triangle, the moon (a sliver) was in the center. How cool is that! The connection I felt from my womb to the womb of the Mother, and to each woman in the class was strongly felt. The exercises were relaxing in a way that was not only physical but felt at all levels of my being. Thank you so much!
— Terry Anne Wildman
Nechama introduced me to a practice I didn’t even know existed—womb yoga. She guided me through movements that helped me deepen my connection with my womb and provided detailed explanations as to their significance. I walked away feeling empowered and physically in-tuned. She is as nurturing as she is informative. I recommend her class highly!
— Seha Nicole Goude