Vibration & Water

Copied with permission from the Lotus Letter, August 2016

Vibration and its Impact on Human Health

By Nechama Karp

Sound healing is an essential process for health and emotional well­being. Sound therapy benefits include helpful management of stress and anxiety, and creates a vibratory experience for the whole body and mind.

Sound healing occurs when intention and awareness join with sonic and vibrational frequencies. Jonathan Goldman came up with this simple formula: Frequency + Intent = Healing.

Using sounds intentionally for healing, whether instrumental or vocal, involves a process in which our body and mind vibrations naturally synchronize with the vibrations of the sounds. When we engage in listening to or creating healing sounds we invite a new vibration in causing a harmonious shift to an alternate state of consciousness for well being.

In cultivating my own practice of mindful relationship with the natural elements and their correlation to aspects of my being, I find emotions to be very closely related to the element of water, especially in the presence of live sound. Harish Johari explains in his book about chakras how the element of water is related to emotional behavior. Science shows how sound travels faster through water than through air. Since approximately 60% of the adult body is water it also follows that sounds strongly affect our tissues and organs. Tom Kenyon describes how emotion is related to our organs and how different organs tend to hold different types of emotion.

In the presence of live sound, as in a shamanic sound healing experience, the sonic vibrations not only affect the mind, the frequencies of the sound currents stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, can provide a releasing and uplifting experience on the emotional level, and usually have a soothing massage­like effect on the physical body.

Live sound healing provides those frequencies for our mind and body health for our whole being to move toward balance.


NYC Shamanic Sound Journey and Gentle Yoga with Nechama and David
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Gentle yoga follows gongs, singing bowls, drum, flute, and voice to balance our mind, body, and spirit. Receive a personal sound healing and learn:
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• how to manifest your greatest desires using sacred sound

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